The Effects of Social Media Use on Mental Health

How social media affects your mental health

1. Social comparisons and feeling inadequate

2. Easy access and exposure to inappropriate or triggering content

3. Fear of Missing Out(FOMO) causes anxiety

4. Addiction

5. Self-absorption and Relying on others for validation

  • Positive feedback which is good for your self-esteem.
  • No feedback at all — which will have you anxious and wondering things like, ‘Why don’t they like me? Is there something wrong with me?” This could lead to self-obsession.
  • Negative feedback or be a victim of cyberbullying — which can affect your sense of self-worth and self-esteem negatively.

6. It could be a blow to your self-esteem

How to detox from social media

  • Track the time you spend on specific social media apps and work on limiting it. Luckily, most apps have a tab to see how much time you spent online.
  • Unfollow and block those who make you feel bad about yourself or post inappropriate stuff.
  • Interact physically with friends and family more often.
  • Put a physical barrier between you and the phone screen. For example, use a flip cover or wrap a rubber band around your phone. The difficulty in use will bring you back to the present before you get too lost in the social media rabbit holes.
  • Divert attention to something else, for example, your hobbies or learning new skills or language
  • Take breaks between sessions, especially when things get heavy.
  • Delete the apps(out of sight, out of mind)



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A word after a word after a word is power