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Mother’s Day 2022 is only a few days away. For most people, it will be a joyful day because they will celebrate it with their moms while doing various activities to show how much they love and appreciate them. However, for many others who don’t have a mom, Mother’s Day can be one of the saddest and most dreaded days because this is when they feel her absence the most. If you are in the second group, seeing everyone around you doing fun activities with their mothers and sharing pictures on social media could make you wish the day was over already, and you might start wondering what to do on Mother’s Day if you don’t have a mom.

There are many reasons some people may not have a mom to celebrate with on Mother’s Day. It could be due to loss through death, abandonment, or by choice (if they cut their mom out of their life because of differences over things such as sexuality, religion, choice of partner, substance abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and general toxicity), among other reasons.

Since you might be at a loss on what to do, this post will discuss some of the best things to do on Mother’s Day if you don’t have a mom. You can try out the Mother’s Day activity ideas that apply to your situation from the ones listed below.

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1. Visit her final resting place

No matter how long it has been since it happened, Mother’s Day is especially tough for people who lost their mom through death. All the Mother’s Day stuff being shoved in your face everywhere you go or look during this period doesn’t help either.

For comfort and to feel closer to her, one of the best things to do on Mother’s Day if you don’t have a mom is to visit her final resting place. It will be a way for you to honor her memory and show that she is not forgotten.

You can go to your mom’s resting place by yourself or together with your family and remember to bring flowers or her picture.

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2. Do something she used to love